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Frame 67 585x329 - Tips and Outlook for 2019 from TradeSanta Users
User Experience

Tips and Outlook for 2019 from TradeSanta Users

We asked some of TradeSanta bots’ active users to share their trading experience. Maarten, Marcelo, Anonymous User, CryptoWoman and Loz Hughes kindly shared their principles of choosing strategies, predictions about 2019, and useful tips they would give to every new user on TradeSanta platform.   …

Frame 67.1 585x329 - 7 Crypto Trading Rules for Beginners
Crypto Trading 101

7 Crypto Trading Rules for Beginners

Over the last couple of years, crypto trading became very popular among the huge amount of people. Many were successful, but much more of them were not. So, if you are new to automated trading (or trading in general), it might be useful to learn…

Frame 67.16 585x329 - TradeSanta's Trading Tools
Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s Trading Tools

Trade Santa offers few utility tools: Martingale, Entering at market price and Buy cryptocurrencies for commission. Martingale Martingale originally is a betting strategy which implies doubling the volumes after every loss. In the context of automated crypto trading it means that the bot with active…

Frame 67.15 585x329 - TradeSanta's Technical Indicators
Exploring TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s Technical Indicators

There are several technical indicators (filters and signals) that you can activate, so that your cryptocurrency bot can enter the market in the optimal point: Day filter, Volume filter and Bollinger signal. You can use all of them simultaneously, choose 1 or 2 up to your…