Check out last week’s digest on crypto market changes, top 3 cryptocurrencies stats and the most notable cryptocurrency news.

Tether’s controversy, Binance’s new partnership and new cryptocurrency index on Nasdaq are last week’s hot topics. Hope you find our digest helpful and as usual – happy crypto trading!

Cryptocurrency Market Stats

Capitalization of cryptocurrency market increased by nearly 6% due to Bitcoin’s growth mostly.

StatValue (7d change)
Market Cap$180 915 183 976 (+5.88%)
Markets18 166 (+0.91%)
Cryptocurrencies2 149 (+0.42%)
BTC Dominance55.7% (+2.01%)

Major Coins’ Price Stats

During last week Bitcoin gained almost 10%, XRP and Ethereum increased their values as well.

 Coin Close 7d Gains 7d High 7d Low
 Bitcoin5 795.71+9.66%5 886.895 216.49

Quote of the Week:

Sir Geoffery Vos, Chancellor of the High Court in his speech: “Thus far, the legal uncertainty that pervades the use of so-called crypto currencies and cryptoassets for financial transactions has meant that the starting line has not been crossed. It will be crossed at some stage soon. That is for sure.”

In Case You Missed It:

  • According to recently released documents, stablecoin Tether (USDT) is 74% backed by fiat currencies. This fact contradicts the last year’s statements of Tether executives that every USDT is backed by fiat currency. However, the company does not see any issues with it. “This sort of “fractional” reserving arrangement is similar to how commercial banks work. No bank holds in liquid cash more than a small percentage of depositors’ money. The funds are invested. The markets clearly remain confident in tether, as it currently trades just shy of $1 dollar per U.S. Dollar tether…”, as stated in the document.
  • Reportedly, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance has partnered with Elliptic to improve exchange’s regulatory compliance. Elliptic is a blockchain monitoring solutions provider and this partnership will primarily focus on Anti-Money Laundering (AML).
  • The largest stock exchange in the world Nasdaq has added XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX) to the Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS). This is a result of exchange’s partnership with cryptocurrency analytics company Brave New Coin. Previously Nasdaq has listed Brave New Coin’s Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX).