It’s time for the latest TradeSanta’s weekly digest. Here is a short recap:

    • French Police remotely disinfected 850,000 PCs involved in cryptojacking;
    • Forbes: China’s central bank will launch cryptocurrency in the coming months;
    • Facebook has hired FS Vector to resolve regulatory pressure on Libra.

Cryptocurrency Market Stats

Market capitalization dropped by 6.45% over the 7 day period. Check out the results below.

StatValue (7d change)
Market Cap$ 248 562 114 797 (-6.45%)
Markets20 327 (+0.74%)
Cryptocurrencies2 551 (+3.07%)
BTC Dominance69,5% (+ 1%)

Major Coins’ Price Stats

According to the Coinmarketcap stats, prices of major cryptocurrencies reduced during the previous week. BTC dropped below $10K, ETH slid down by more than 10%, and XRP fell from $0.27 to $0.25, and here are the details:

 Coin Close 7d Gains 7d High 7d Low
 Bitcoin$9 757.97-3.68%$10 389.89$9 421.63

Quote of the Week:

Jessy Spiro, Chainalysis’ global head of policy: “Theoretically, more indicators of BTC involvement in serious illicit activity could further the image of BTC as the “money of dark net operators and criminals,” which could reduce broader adoption — and in turn, the price.”

In Case You Missed It:

  • According to BBC report, French police have shut down a massive botnet that has been used for Monero (XMR) hacking. This system was distributed by emails with offers for erotic pictures or fast cash, and then it infected USB drives. Retadup virus infected 850,000 computers in over 100 countries. The chief of the French police’s cybercrime unit, Jean-Dominique Nollet noticed that: “People may not realise it but 850,000 infected computers means massive firepower, enough to bring down all the (civilian) websites on the planet.”
  • Forbes reported that China’s central bank plans to roll out a state-backed cryptocurrency and issue it to seven institutions in the coming months. Moreover, Chinese giant companies Alibaba and Tencent, Union Pay, and other 4 companies will receive the cryptocurrency.There had been murmurings that the cryptocurrency could appear as soon as in November, 11, but a Chinese state-backed newspaper stated that it was a rumour.
  • O’Dwyer PR published a report, and mentioned that Facebook has hired a Washington-based lobbying firm, as a result of increased Congressional and regulatory pushback the company has received due to its cryptocurrency Libra. Facebook will work with FS Vector, it is a consultancy company that specializes in regulatory compliance for the fintech, blockchain and financial services sectors.

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